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Graphic Design by Mark Mularz

Whether you’re starting at square one or polishing an existing brand, let me help you craft a solution that fits well and sets the stage for growth and success.


About me

My career path was set in motion when I designed the currency for a third grade classroom project. The job captured my attention, and I realized there were perks in printing money. Fortunately, I also had a young but honest grasp of ethics, and have since concentrated on a career in graphic design rather than a life of crime.

Following college, design chops matured while working with small entrepreneurial businesses and large corporations at a brand development firm in the thriving cultural mecca of Minneapolis.

After eight years, I decided to thaw the permafrost that had begun to take hold. I opened up shop in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the millennium, and have continued to enjoy working with a wide array of clients in a variety of industries.