The Roman Extravaganza Continues

When I left off, I still had Wednesday to talk about. On that day I decided to visit two major sites, the Capitoline Museums and the Pantheon.

The Capitoline Museums are situated on a hill overlooking the Colosseum and Roman Forum, a reasonable walk from my bed and breakfast. On the way there, I stopped by the building I saw on my first evening in Rome. It's an impressive monument with a nice view.

I climbed up the steps onto a piazza designed by Michelangelo and arrived at the Capitoline Museums. These museums, started in the 1400s, have a vast collection of ancient Roman art and artifacts, as well as some Renaissance art. Some highlights included a statue of Rome's fabled founders Romulus and Remis with a wolf, a sculpture of Medusa by Bernini, and ancient doggies. The museum also had an incredible view over the Roman Forum.

After the Capitoline Museums, I picked up a panini at a grocery store and headed towards the Pantheon. A couple blocks away is Piazza Navona. This piazza used to be an ancient Roman stadium, and it has retained its shape over the years. Today, it has two gorgeous fountains and is filled with people selling art and hanging out.

I walked to the Pantheon and finished my lunch while sitting on the steps out front and people watching. With so many travelers from all over the world, this is always interesting.

The Pantheon is the most well-preserved ancient Roman building thanks to its continued use. It originally served as a temple where multiple gods could be worshipped and eventually turned into a church as Christianity took over. Unfortunately the original art is gone, but it was still really neat to be in such an old and otherwise well-preserved building.

For dinner, I wandered down to a restaurant near the Colosseum. I've been looking for a dish called risotto nero (risotto with squid ink) the entire time I've been in Italy. I finally looked it up online and found this place with a great location. From the outdoor seating area I could glimpse the Roman Forum and ruins surrounding it which are beautifully lit up at night. I originally wanted to try risotto nero for the sake of finding out what squid ink tastes like, but it ended up being the most delicious thing I've had on my trip!

My route back took me by the Colosseum. It was eerie to be one of just a few people there at night when I'd previously been there during the crowded daytime.

After Wednesday, I went to...

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