Hello again! This post may be more pictures than words because I'm very busy on my last day in Italy and pictures will better represent my visit anyway.

My trip from Napoli to the small coastal town of Positano was my most complicated transfer yet. On Sunday I had to ride the train to Sorrento and then catch a bus to Positano. The train ride went smoothly until a stop about 10 minutes in. A group of young Italians tried to sneak onto the train without tickets. The ticket inspector chased them out, and as soon as he was in the next carriage, the group snuck on again. This process continued for a few minutes until finally the inspector didn't come back and the group stayed on the train. The woman sitting across from me was trying not to laugh the whole time which made it even harder for me not to laugh. The delay wasn't too bad and I made it to Sorrento with some time to spare.

I caught my bus outside of the train station. It didn't come at the scheduled time but a staff member at the information booth outside was pointing at the bus and yelling "POSITANO!" so I hoped for the best. I crammed into a seat in the back with my bags. We drove for an hour through winding roads on seaside cliffs. When I looked out the window, I couldn't see the road at all--just the ocean. I don't get carsick but I was certain that I was going to lose it. I got off at a stop close to my hostel and the feeling of vertigo didn't go away; the town is completely vertical and it looks like the buildings are barely clinging to the sides of the mountains that tower overhead. It was remarkably beautiful.

I checked into my hostel, remarkable for its terrace with a view over the ocean and kind staff. I still had plenty of the day left and I was eager to see more of the town, so I went out to explore. Everything was so gorgeous that it was hard to believe that this town is real.

I stayed for Positano for about a week and spend most of my days walking down into town and enjoying the sunshine on the main beach. Even though it was the beginning of May, I was shocked by how many tourists there were and was almost entirely surrounded by English. That was disappointing, but the beauty of my surroundings made up for it.

This region is famous for its lemons, some of which were almost as big as my head. I loved having a cold lemon granita on a hot day.

On my last day, I visited Fornillo Beach, a much more secluded beach set apart from the town center. The walk down hundreds of steps to reach it was gorgeous and the lack of tourists was a relief. I regretted not going there every day during my stay. I had a lovely few hours there reading, relaxing, and swimming in the frigid water.

I wish that I had more time to talk about this and upload photos but I really must get going for now!

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