Cambria > Shell Beach (50 miles)


I slept in today. My 7:00 alarm came and went without a twitch from me. When I woke up at 7:45, I was still one of the first ones to rise in the cozy little Bridge Street Inn. It was nice to find oats and raisins ready for me in the kitchen, and I had an easy stroll to a local market for some non dairy milk. By the time I got back, the Australian, the Germans, the surfer, the musician and house manager Jan were up.

The weather was kind, and decided to rain while I was sleeping. When I rolled out, the streets were mostly dry and the lingering clouds made the sky interesting.

The route dipped inland for a good handful of miles before joining the coast again to pass through the beach communities of Cayucos and Morrow Bay.


Turri road trails away from Morro Bay towards San Luis Obispo, and it's one of my favorites. Since most drivers take 101, this secret sweetie sets the stage for a peaceful pedal through bucolic countryside.


I arrived in San Luis Obispo at 1:30, and the Natural Cafe served up a bean, rice and steamed veggie wrap that didn't disappoint. Fuel for the road. For desert, I got drunk off the alcoholic fumes wafting from a self proclaimed "famous artist" who decided to strike up a conversation with me. I was told I came perilously close to a "bitch slapping" for not recognizing the subject of one of his paintings. Fortunately, I recognized Paris Hilton in the next portfolio piece. Sadly for me, it was not one of the images that Paris is well known for. Anyway, the artist went on to tell me my bike route was all wrong, and that I might want to give him some cash for the alternative directions he offered up. Like I said, it's great to travel and meet people this way (sorry, no photo) :-|

A few dollars poorer, I made my way out of town on Higuera Street. Shell Beach was just down the hill, and I arrived slightly damp after some afternoon showers. It was sure to rain on this trip because I left the fenders at home.

Arriving at the hotel in the early afternoon was nice. I had time to clean and lube my bike and do my laundry before relaxing. Dinner was Bob's Red Mill muesli with almond milk (sorry, no photo).


I had a great sunset for desert on the lovely ocean front walk.

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